obesity surgery Indore

Growing obesity among men and women all over the world is a subject of worry for health experts. Statistics in this respect show that by 2040, more than 30% of men and more than 27% of women are likely to be in the ‘overweight’ or ‘obese’ category, in India.

This rise can certainly not be considered a healthy sign as it only indicates that many people will be prone to serious health complications like high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, or other such diseases. This risk of the future can be avoided by being alert today and obesity surgery is a beneficial solution from this perspective.

If you are overweight and you have been examined as an obese person, now is the right time to take every possible measure to get rid of those extra pounds from your paunch or hips. You may take any good fitness regime for that. In addition, you should also consult a good dietician, get a healthy diet chart prepared and follow it strictly.

However, when no regime works and diet control is also not helping, it is time to consider Obesity Surgery in Indore. For this, bariatric surgery is considered to be a successful resource which you can get done by renowned specialist Dr. Achal Agrawal.

Laparoscopic specialty is the prime identity of Dr. Agrawal. He has successfully treated hundreds of obese men and women through bariatric surgery and is highly preferred in this area of specialization – not only in Indore but also in other parts of the country. Today, he is known as the Best Bariatric Surgeon in Indore.

Dr. Agrawal has extended the reach of his expertise to many people in other parts of the country. He is also known as the best obesity surgeon in Indore. You too can benefit – fix an appointment today!