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Gastric Sleeve has become one of the most popular bariatric surgeries because of the many benefits it offers over other procedures. Gastric sleeve surgery in India has become quite preponderate due to better awareness and low cost, because of which it attracts many people from both western and non-western countries alike.
Sleeve gastrectomy is basically a restrictive weight loss surgery which decreases the size of the stomach. Earlier this surgery was regarded as the first stage procedure of the more complicated operation known as bilio pancreatic diversion. However, the excellent weight loss seen after this surgery together with the technical simplicity has made it the most popular bariatric surgery of recent times.

The operation removes around 80% of the stomach using a specialized laparoscopic stapling gun. This staples the stomach on both sides and cuts in between which makes the procedure fast and bloodless. The volume of the stomach is reduced from initial 2000 cc to only 150 -200 cc. This markedly reduces the amount of food that can be consumed at one sitting.
Also, removal of the stomach reduces the level of hunger hormone (ghrelin). This makes the person satiated early and helps in weight loss. The food which is consumed also passes to the intestine faster which releases hormones which increase the metabolic rate and burn the stored fat. This not only augments the weight loss but also helps in remission of metabolic diseases like diabetes. The 5 year expected excess weight loss for this procedure is up to 70%. Although long term data beyond this period is still lacking, the results so far look promising.

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