obesity surgery Indore

If you have a look at the world statistics about obesity, you may be alarmed. According to the WHO stats, obesity is fiercer than underweight and it is the number one reason leading to other diseases and causing deaths. You may tag various aspects as triggers of obesity but sideways, you also need advanced methodologies to treat obesity.

One such methodology is Bariatric Surgery!

In this surgery, the surgeon cut down a small part of the stomach so that the patient cannot take larger chunks of food. As a result, the amount of food intake gets restricted and the chances of consuming surplus calories by the patient are eliminated. Sometimes, the surgeon may also use a gastric band to lessen the size of the stomach.

If you think you or some of your acquaintance is suffering because of obesity and are planning to go for Bariatric Surgery in Indore, you got the most trusted surgeon here – Dr. Achal Agrawal.

Why get Bariatric Surgery for Obesity done by Dr. Achal Agrawal?

BMI or Body Mass Index is a measure of one’s obesity and a BMI over 30 is medically considered above the danger mark. This clearly means the patient needs expert consultation and if needed, must go for surgery.

To help you take a better call on this, have a look at how patients benefitted after they got this surgery done from Dr. Achal Agrawal, the best Bariatric Surgeon Indore.

  • On average, the majority of these patients experienced weight loss approx 70 to 90% of excess weight.
  • As their food intake and calorie consumption decreased, the patients got physically more active than they were before the surgery.
  • The majority of the patient get rid of Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Sleep apnoea, and Osteoarthritis.
  • Their lifestyle also changed and it became easier for them to stick to an exercise routine. Consequently, the risk of regaining weight also diminished.

You can be the next beneficiary of all these advantages. For that, you just need to fix an appointment with Dr. Achal Agrawal.

It is worth knowing that apart from Indore, Dr. Agrawal also treats patients in Gujarat / Maharashtra and is notably the best Bariatric Surgeon in Indore Madhya Pradesh.