Best Laparoscopic GI and Bariatric Surgeon in Indore.

Anushka Jain

Dr Achal Agrawal is best Laparoscopic GI and Bariatric Surgeon in Indore..

Sejal Jain

mene. Dr. Achal Sir ko 1 baar he dikhya tha ab next time abhi dikhna h to mene inhe goggle pe dhunda h q ki mene 1st time grter kelash hospital mai dikhya tha ni.sulk but i need agin dr. achal is great ...thanx a lot sir...

Sunil Bhati

Dr. Achal Agrawal Laparoscopic GI & Bariatric Centre is the most prominent Surgery Point in Central India. It is reputed b'coz Dr. Achal Agrawal is the most Effective and Efficient Surgeon Doctor in Indore.

Parthib Banarjee

Dr achal agrwal is one of the finest and dedicated laproscopic surgeon in central india, apart from this he is a good human being. Highly recommended ..

Navin Tiwari

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